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Fer’incub, focused on its core business, advanced materials development, relies on a panel of key metallurgical skills:

• Diagnosis and expertise of the physic phenomena involved,
• Metallographic analysis,
• Characterization of hardness,
• Determination of thermal cycling resistance,
• Definition of hot oxidation laws by cyclic and isothermal, experimentation,
• Tribological characterization at hight temperature,


AfiIn order to develop innovative solutions wich solve customers problems. In this case, for example, its a high temperature oxidation coupled to abrasion wearing. Fer'incub solved it by a surface functionalization on specific area of the product. This project has extended from the prototype (TRL4) to the industrial demonstrator (TRL7) including the choice of: coating, technology and implementation parameters. We checked the answer to the customer need by characterization in laboratory before an industrial POC.

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